Private Tuition and Global Education

A Teaching Resource and Informational site for those involved with private tuition
The advantages private tuition

Private Tuition, like main stream education, in 2013, continues to present a serious problem – how can teaching be creative and inspiring whilst at the same time adhering tightly to the National Curriculum.
This is where private tuition excels. With talented teaches, progressive teaching techniques, and imaginative use of resources, private tuition continues to serve those we teach extremely well.
When the question is put: why is that positions of power and influence tend to be filled by those who have had the benefits of private education? We find the answer very simple: no complex social identification theories, nor the back-slapping old boys’ network (we see little evidence of either). Our view is that private tuition works – it affords our children stimulating learning, a thirst for education for life, and instils a set of skills and values that support it.
Though great admirers of the wonderful Bolitho School of Penzance, we are not affiliated with them in any way. If you wish to view their website, then click here.